Humiliated Rahm Can't Disentangle Himself from Rauner Budget

"Progressive" Rebranding a Total Farce

CHICAGO (March 4, 2015)--Humiliated by recent election results, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is attempting to distance himself from wine club and donor-sharing pal Bruce Rauner and his austerity budget.

Following is a response from United Working Families Executive Director Kristen Crowell to Emanuel's latest efforts, his Wednesday press conference:

"Rahm Emanuel and Bruce Rauner are of like minds when it comes to cutting core services for the poor and vulnerable, so it is a total farce watching him try, at this late hour, to distance himself and re-brand himself as a progressive.
"Cuts to education and childcare are just one of the consequences of the Rahm-Rauner pro-corporate agenda. Rahm's hapless press conference today is another pathetic example of how his words ring as hollow as an empty bottle of pricey cabernet."