BREAKING: $250K Gift From Billionaire Rauner Republican To Prop Up Rahm Emanuel Anti-Worker Agenda

Ken Griffin Is Patron Saint of Union-Busting "Right To Work For Less" Movement, Chicago "Forward" CHICAGO (March 10, 2015)--News is breaking that the anti-union billionaire who was Gov. Bruce Rauner's main donor, and who is the main contributor to the "Right to Work for Less" movement in Illinois, has given $250,000 to support Rahm Emanuel's anti-worker bid for re-election.

Ken Griffin, the "Richest Man in Illinois," is now the biggest donor to Emanuel AND Chicago Forward, having given at least $580,000.

The news came on the same day that Rauner "hero" Scott Walker stripped Wisconsin workers of rights by signing "Right to Work For Less" legislation into law in that state.

Following is the statement of United Working Families Executive Director Kristen Crowell in response:

"There is a reason that right-wing Republican billionaires like Bruce Rauner and Ken Griffin love Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Forward: They know they're committed to the Republican movement to crater wages, strip workers of basic protections and plunder pensions.

"The richest man in Illinois doesn't believe in living wages or the dignity of the worker. He believes that wealth should rule and workers should beg. Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Forward have embraced this Republican idolatry.