STATEMENT: People-Powered Victories a “Warning Shot” for Complacent Dems in 2019, 2020

CHICAGO- Following is the statement of Emma Tai, Executive Director of United Working Families (UWF), on the victories of UWF-endorsed candidates in today’s primary elections: Brandon Johnson (Cook County 1), Delia Ramirez (IL House 4), Aaron Ortiz (IL House 1), and Alma Anaya (Cook County 7). “Today, voters came out in force for movement candidates Brandon Johnson, Delia Ramirez, Aaron Ortiz, and Alma Anaya. The United Working Families slate—all first-time candidates and young people of color—took on big-money interests in the Democratic Party, and won.

“These are not just electoral victories. They are organizing victories. These campaigns were seeded by our work in the 2015 city elections and powered by the independent political organizations that grew out of those efforts.

“And we’re not letting up. United Working Families knocked on thousands of doors, talked to hundreds of voters, and trained a class of activists in the skills they need to keep organizing and winning long after today’s election. We’re ready to take on the complacent Democrats who have let violence, gentrification, and unemployment ravage our communities. We’ve said that parties controlled by billionaires can’t represent working families and tonight’s results show that the voters are with us.

“This matters for 2019. Tonight is a warning shot. Rahm Emanuel and his rubber-stamp aldermen should be very afraid.”


United Working Families is an independent political organization by and for the 99%. UWF affiliate members include: Action Now, Chicago Teachers Union, Cook County College Teachers Union, Grassroots Illinois Action, SEIU Healthcare Illinois Indiana, Warehouse Workers Organizing Committee, People United for Action, Workers United CMRJB, 22nd Ward IPO, 25th Ward IPO, and 33rd Ward Working Families.