On WTTW, Rahm Emanuel Disappears His Record of School Cuts

CHICAGO (February 4, 2015) – Following is the response of United Working Families executive director Kristen Crowell to Rahm Emanuel’s evasive appearance Wednesday night at the WTTW mayoral debate.

“Rahm Emanuel presided over the biggest cuts in modern memory to the Chicago Public Schools system, but on Wednesday night, he sought to 'disappear' this record.

“Fifty schools were closed under his knife, most of them in majority-minority and low-income neighborhoods. He alluded to these as 'efficiencies' and 'reforms.'

“In fact, Emanuel made the future worse for tens of thousands of Chicago school children. It makes sense that he would run from what is the lasting part of his legacy. It’s shameful to watch him in action.“

United Working Families was formed in coalition with the Chicago Teachers Union, SEIU Healthcare Illinois, Action Now and Grassroots Illinois Action in 2014 to recruit, train and support candidates running on a progressive platform, including strengthening public education and advocating for public investment in all Chicago’s neighborhoods and beyond.