In the Trump era, working people need a real political alternative.

Bosses around the country--including the billionaire in Springfield and the con man in DC--are celebrating today's decision by the Trump Supreme Court. The Janus vs. AFSCME Council 31 case was designed to weaken the political power of working people. Underwritten by the wealthiest members of our rigged economy, Janus is a craven attack on the ability of workers to fight for good jobs and robust public services.

But today's decision by Trump's Supreme Court should be no surprise. The bigger question is who will fight back?

In Chicago and Illinois, union jobs in public schools, hospitals, and transportation were a pathway to the middle class for women and Black and Brown families. It was Democrats, not Republicans, who decimated those jobs when they privatized schools, sold parking meters, and closed public clinics. And both Democrats and Republicans refuse to ask their wealthy donors to pay taxes for the flourishing public services we deserve.

In the aftermath of Janus, the attacks on our jobs, schools, and communities will only deepen. Working people need a real political alternative. That’s what United Working Families is here for.

Help us fight back. Sign up today to knock doors, join a committee, or make a donation. We can't do it without you.