Important Info on the 2017 Convention

1. The convention will elect at-large delegates to the party committee. Six at-large delegate seats are open. At-large delegates to the party committee serve as board members for United Working Families, meeting monthly to advance the work of the organization. Candidates will give brief remarks and be elected by the membership at the November 4 convention.

Click here to nominate yourself or another member. Deadline: Friday, October 27

Click here to complete a brief candidate statement. Deadline: Wednesday, November 1

2. The convention will debate and discuss our strategic priorities for 2018 and 2019.

In October 2015, United Working Families members wrote, amended, and approved a platform and points of unity. You can read the full document online here.

Headed into the upcoming elections, we will use this platform to guide our political endorsements and organizing campaigns. At this year's convention, we will set strategic priorities based on what we think will recruit new people to our vision, define the sides of the debate, and raise expectations for what could be different. This survey is designed to help us begin evaluating that plan ahead of the convention, where amendments and a full vote will be taken.

3. All members in good standing are eligible to vote at the convention.

A member in good standing can be either a) an individual who has paid at least the $20 minimum annual dues in the previous calendar year or b) an individual who is a member of an affiliated organization. Affiliated organizations include Grassroots Illinois Action, SEIU Healthcare Illinois, Action Now, Cook County College Teachers Union, 22nd Ward IPO, Chicago Teachers Union, 33rd Ward Working Families, 25th Ward IPO, Workers United CMRJB. If you are not a member in good standing, you can sign up at the convention or online here.