ICYMI: 45th Ward Challenger's Vote Buying Efforts Spark State’s Attorney’s Attention

CPD lieutenant and attorney breaks the law, then doubles down

CHICAGO (February 17, 2015) -- 45th Ward aldermanic candidate John Garrido is a Chicago Police Department lieutenant and an attorney--but apparently doesn’t know or believe that trying to buy votes is illegal.

FOX 32 investigative journalist Dane Placko reports Garrido encouraged voters to show proof they cast their ballots in exchange for discounts on merchandise and food.

When called out, Garrido doubled down, saying "I absolutely believe it's not illegal.”

Memo to Lt. Garrido: it sure is.

In fact, he could face a Class 4 felony charge, according to Illinois election law.

"It's illegal to offer anything of value in exchange for voting or registering to vote,” Chicago Board of Elections Spokesman Jim Allen told Placko.

Garrido’s actions have been referred to the Cook County State’s Attorney office for investigation.

Says United Working Families Executive Director Kristen Crowell:

“John Garrido either has no understanding of the law, or no regard for it. Either way, he’s not fit to be alderman--or a police officer or member of the bar, for that matter. 45th Ward voters, take note.”

Watch the FOX32 report here.

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