Guest post by Candis Castillo: Black Women Lead.

Working for Delia Ramirez was my first experience managing an electoral campaign. I saw firsthand how powerful it is to have women of color who come from our movements in leadership on the campaign trail--a role that is traditionally dominated by white men.
As a Black woman coming from the labor movement, I'm passionate about growing the next generation of progressive candidates and campaigners of color. So I couldn't be more excited to invite you to a special conversation on May 19 about the strength and brilliance of Black women and how we build an independent political and social movement centered on our issues.
I hope you'll join us for We Rise Up: How Revolutionary Black Women Lead, a collective conversation with Nina Turner, President of Our Revolution, IL State Representative Litesa Wallace, and IL State Representative Carol Ammons.

WhatWe Rise Up: How Revolutionary Black Women Lead

When: Saturday, May 19, 1-4 pm

Where: Chicago State University Breakey Theater, 9501 S. King Dr, Chicago

Space is limited and registration is required to attend. Register here.

Trusting Black women doesn't mean propping us up as symbols--it means putting us in positions to lead the way. Come be a part of a conversation about how we do it.
In Solidarity,
Candis Castillo, Organizing Director