Final Mayoral Debate Again Highlights Rahm’s Failed Policies for African-American Communities--and Everywhere Else

Mayor carries on tired justification of school closings, pay-to-play

CHICAGO (February 10, 2015) -- Following is the statement of United Working Families executive director Kristen Crowell following the CBS Chicago mayoral debate Tuesday at the DuSable Museum of African American History.

“It’s not that Rahm Emanuel has failed African Americans in Chicago, it’s just that he’s failed them worse.

“He failed ALL of Chicago again Tuesday when he failed to talk straight about why he closed schools and mental health clinics serving African Americans; diverted tax dollars to rich developers and bankers instead of investing it equitably in all Chicago neighborhoods; and left Chicago’s streets less safe as a result of his mismanagement.

“Rahm also distinguished himself by NOT distinguishing himself from Rod Blagojevich’s crooked pay-to-play practices.

“A panelist asked Rahm why communities in Chicago feel that he has abandoned them. The answer was on the stage Tuesday: Because he has.”

United Working Families was formed in coalition with the Chicago Teachers Union, SEIU Healthcare Illinois, Action Now and Grassroots Illinois Action in 2014 to recruit, train and support candidates running on a progressive platform, including strengthening public education and advocating for public investment in all Chicago’s neighborhoods and beyond