Charlottesville and Chicago

It's not news, but it bears repeating: white supremacy is alive and well in America. Our thoughts and prayers are with our sisters and brothers who were killed and injured by racist terrorists in Charlottesville this weekend. If you can, please contribute to funds to assist with their medical costs.

Yet our rage and sorrow go unanswered in the political response to this latest tragedy. Donald Trump and Bruce Rauner waffled on terminology rather than swiftly condemn the Nazi sympathizer who killed peaceful protestor Heather Heyer. And statements of condemnation ring hollow from the Mayor who closed 50 Black schools, covered up the police killing of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, and negotiated with segregationists in the Trump White House.

We don't have statues of Confederate leaders in Chicago. But we do have elected officials who benefit from racism, segregation, and violence while concentrating our city and state's prosperity in fewer and fewer hands. Help us hold them accountable.