Behind Chuy Garcia, Chicago Tosses Out the 1 Percent Agenda

United Working Families Plays Critical Role in Historic Vote

CHICAGO (February 24, 2015)--Following is the statement of United Working Families Executive Director Kristen Crowell.

"Tonight Jesus “Chuy” Garcia and our progressive sisters and brothers did the impossible - we forced the first mayoral run-off in the city’s history. Voters turned out to say that the corporate elite have no place here.

"Entering the run-off election six weeks from now, Chuy Garcia has demonstrated that Chicagoans are hungry for a new direction, a new vision, and a progressive agenda that unites all 50 wards in our great city.

"The story here is that the candidate matters. In addition to helping Chuy Garcia forward, United Working Families also won victories and forced runoffs throughout the city, fueled by the energy of our 17 great candidates.

"Thousands of volunteers knocked on more than 150,000 doors. The result? New progressive voices in City Council, a rebuke to Rahm’s rubber-stamp alderman and a continued conversation about the direction of our city.

"This is an historic victory for progressives. Chicago rejected an agenda for the 1 percent and, with Chuy Garcia leading us, we are poised in six weeks for even greater victories for the 99 percent.”