RELEASE: United Working Families 2019 Second-Round Endorsements


January 2, 2019

United Working Families Announces Second Round of 2019 Endorsements

Progressive Candidates Ready to Win a Chicago for the Many, not the Few


CHICAGO - United Working Families (UWF), an independent political organization formed by progressive labor and community organizations, today announced five additional endorsements for City Council.


“We forced Rahm Emanuel into early retirement. Now, we’re building a City Hall that will fight back against those who have profited from from skyrocketing violence, displacement, and unemployment,” said Emma Tai, executive director of UWF. “Black and Latinx working families bore the brunt of Emanuel’s racist, pro-corporate economic agenda. Now is the time to win a different future.”


The five candidates who received the UWF endorsement this week are:

  • 9th Ward – Cleopatra Watson, a south side community organizer, youth advocate, and UWF Movement Leader Fellow from the 2018 primary elections.

  • 14th Ward – Tanya Patiño, a daughter of Mexican immigrants and longtime youth mentor who is challenging besieged machine incumbent Ed Burke.

  • 37th Ward – Tara Stamps, a Chicago Public Schools teacher, activist with the Chicago Teachers Union, and No Cop Academy supporter.

  • 45th Ward – Ald. John Arena, a leader in the fight for a $15-per-hour minimum wage, earned sick leave, and fair scheduling for Chicago families.

  •  47th Ward – Matt Martin, a civil rights attorney who worked on police reform and fought against Trump’s immigration policies at the Attorney General's office.

These five endorsed candidates join UWF’s early-endorsed slate—Ald. Susan Sadlowski Garza (10), Rafael Yañez (15), Jeanette Taylor (20), Michael D. Rodríguez (22), Rossana Rodríguez Sanchez (33), Ald. Carlos Ramirez-Rosa (35), Erika Wozniak Francis, and Maria Hadden (49)—in fighting to win a city for the many, not the wealthy few. Watch the video on the UWF early endorsements here:



United Working Families is an independent political organization by and for the 99%. UWF affiliate members include: Action Now, Chicago Teachers Union, Cook County College Teachers Union, Grassroots Illinois Action, SEIU Healthcare Illinois Indiana, Warehouse Workers Organizing Committee, Workers United CMRJB, United Electrical Workers Western Region, Illinois Nurses Association, People United for Action, 22nd Ward IPO, 25th Ward IPO, and 33rd Ward Working Families.