We forced Rahm Emanuel into early retirement. Now, we’re building a City Hall that will fight back against those who have profited from from skyrocketing violence, displacement, and unemployment.

Black and Latinx working families bore the brunt of Emanuel’s racist, pro-corporate economic agenda. Now is the time to win a different future and a city for the many, not the wealthy few.

Below are our endorsed candidates for the 2019 elections. Our early endorsed slate is denoted in bold.

  • 9th Ward – Cleopatra Watson, a south side community organizer, youth advocate, and UWF Movement Leader Fellow from the 2018 primary elections. More info

  • 10th Ward – Ald. Susan Sadlowski Garza, a longtime Chicago Public Schools counselor and union activist who was first elected in 2015. More info

  • 14th Ward – Tanya Patiño, a daughter of Mexican immigrants and longtime youth mentor who is challenging besieged machine incumbent Ed Burke. More info

  • 15th Ward – Rafael Yañez, a Chicago Police Officer and community leader who has provided violence prevention services to thousands of young people. More info

  • 20th Ward – Jeanette Taylor, Dyett hunger striker and prominent parent organizer for equity in public education. More info

  • 22nd Ward – Michael D. Rodríguez, a longtime community organizer, nonprofit leader, and youth mentor. More info

  • 33rd Ward – Rossana Rodríguez Sanchez, an arts educator, affordable housing activist, and co-founder of the ward’s independent political organization. More info

  • 35th Ward – Ald. Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, former immigrant rights organizer elected in 2015 who has taken bold stances on city budget and police reform. More info

  • 37th Ward – Tara Stamps, a Chicago Public Schools teacher, activist with the Chicago Teachers Union, and No Cop Academy supporter.

  • 45th Ward – Ald. John Arena, a leader in the fight for a $15-per-hour minimum wage, earned sick leave, and fair scheduling for Chicago families. More info

  • 46th Ward – Erika Wozniak Francis, a Chicago Teachers Union delegate and nationally-recognized Chicago Public Schools teacher. More info

  • 47th Ward – Matt Martin, a civil rights attorney who worked on police reform and fought against Trump’s immigration policies at the Attorney General's office. More info

  • 49th Ward – Maria Hadden, a nationally-recognized advocate for participatory budgeting and transparent democracy. More info