Delegates and Affiliates

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22nd Ward Independent Political Organization

25th Ward Independent Political Organization

33rd Ward Working Families

Action Now

Chicago Teachers Union

Cook County Colleges Teachers Union Local 1600

Grassroots Illinois Action

Illinois Nurses Association

People United for Action

SEIU Healthcare

United Electrical Workers Western Region

Warehouse Workers Organizing Committee

Workers United CMRJB


The United Working Families Party Committee is made up of delegates from affiliated organizations and six at-large delegates elected by members every two years at the convention.

Stacy Davis Gates, Chicago Teachers Union (Chair)

Katelyn Johnson, Action Now (Vice-Chair)

Jessica Angus, SEIU Healthcare

Erica Bland-Durosinmi, SEIU Healthcare

Marcos Ceniceros, Grassroots Illinois Action

Sarah Chambers, Chicago Teachers Union

Roberto Clack, at-large delegate

Manny Diaz, at-large delegate

Margarito Diaz, Workers United CMRJB

Matt Duzer, 25th Ward IPO

Anna Green, SEIU Healthcare

Alex Han, SEIU Healthcare

Gloria Higgins, Chicago Teachers Union

Abbie Illenberger, Grassroots Illinois Action

Tony Johnston, Cook County Colleges Teachers Union Local 1600

Greg Kelley, SEIU Healthcare

Mayra Lopez, at-large delegate

Kerry Luckett, Cook County Colleges Teachers Union Local 1600

Matthew Luskin, Chicago Teachers Union

Mark Meinster, Warehouse Workers Organizing Committee

Sean Noonan, Cook County Colleges Teachers Union Local 1600

Sophia Olazaba, at-large delegate

Paul Pater, Illinois Nurses Association

Chris Poulos, 33rd Ward Working Families

Carl Rosen, United Electrical Workers Western Region

Jesse Sharkey, Chicago Teachers Union

Celina Villanueva, 22nd Ward IPO

Rod Wilson, People United for Action

Desmon Yancy, at-large delegate