Our vision is for strong, safe, and stable communities where everyone has dignified jobs with a living wage, quality public education, affordable housing, universal healthcare and a powerful voice at the decision making table for their communities, cities, state and nation.


United Working Families has a mission to organize working families, strengthen their voices on issues of racial, social and economic justice, and challenge the corporate dominance of a two-party system by lifting up our issues and our champions.


Download our full platform, created and adopted at the 2015 membership convention, here: uwfplatformbook

Quality Public Education
We value neighborhood public schools that are thriving community centers, and we believe that every child deserves a quality education in a safe, supportive learning environment that welcomes authentic parent engagement, and is filled with highly effective teachers who love our children and our community.

High Quality Jobs
We value fair-pay for hard-work, and we believe that everyone deserve quality, living wage jobs with health-care and benefits that allow them to not only provide for themselves and for their families, but also build their community’s economy.

Affordable Housing
We value safe communities and we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live in safe, affordable housing and that affordable housing not only provides families with a place to live, but also builds the community towards becoming more stable and vibrant.

Civic Engagement
We value civic engagement, and believe that the people who are most affected by the issues should be at the decision making table and should engage with and hold their elected officials accountable to their constituents.

Direct Action and Corporate Accountability
We value organizing that empowers community members to take direct action to address community issues they care about. We believe that large numbers of people united around a common concern is a vehicle of power that is able to provide a formidable counterweight to corporate control over the political process and challenge the corporate domination of both the Democratic and Republican parties.


United Working Families member organizations–Action Now, Chicago Teachers Union, Cook County College Teachers Union, Grassroots Illinois Action, SEIU Healthcare Illinois Indiana, People United for Action, Warehouse Workers Organizing Committee, 22nd Ward IPO, 25th Ward IPO, and 33rd Ward Working Families–represent over 100,000 people across Illinois.

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